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Namaste Holistic Health Spa – Vision

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NAMASTE HOLISTIC HEALTH INSTITUTE & ACADEMY ANGELA KOERTEN HP, RMT (angelakoerten@hotmail.com) The gesture Namaste (I bow to you) represents the belief, that there is a Divine spark within each of us, located in the Heart Chakra and is an acknowledgement of the soul in one by the soul in the […]

What is the Dorn Method?

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Dorn Method Explained With the Dorn Method we can, in a very gentle way, align vertebrae and other joints with a little pressure of the thumb in the right place and some muscle movement at the same time. The work is very precise. We can align a single vertebra, without […]

The Dorn Method

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History of the Dorn Method The Family of Dieter Dorn has a farm and a saw mill in the Bavarian Alps. Having to work very hard, Dieter Dorn once had lumbago, a terrible backache with shooting pains. Not being able to do his work, he remembered this old man in […]